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Heap Dawson Limited is a long established and well respected engineering company who specialise in the design and manufacture of high quality industrial heat exchangers and associated equipment.

Our products are supplied to both manufacturers and end users of drying machines and ovens used in the rubber, plastics, paper, textiles, HVAC and food processing industries however we have the design capability and experience to meet many other industrial process requirements.

Heap Dawson Limited is a family owned business, originally established in 1970 by Mr James Heap, and its premises in Rochdale, Lancashire provide excellent communication networks by road, rail and air.

Our subsidiary company Heap Economiser Limited specialise in the design of heat recovery systems and boiler feed-water economisers.

We have excellent manufacturing facilities which include specialist extended surface finned tube production, general fabrication equipment and a full range of welding plant including Oxy-Acetylene, MMA, MIG and TIG. Our skilled welders are coded in carbon steel, stainless steel and other special alloys.

Our Drawing Office and Technical Sales Departments are equipped with the latest CAD and computerised design facilities thus ensuring a prompt response to all enquiries and customer requirements.

Design, fabrication, welding, testing and inspection are all undertaken in house by our own qualified and fully trained workforce to the highest quality meeting the requirements of ‘The Pressure Equipment Regulations 1999’, ‘The Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC and where required equipment will carry an appropriate CE mark.

Heap Dawson Limited gained TUV approval in 1972 and our current certification is in accordance with AD-Merkblatt HP0 / EN 729-3.

Many of our products are exported and subject to third party approval and inspection to meet the requirements of PD5500, AD-Merkblatt, Stoomwezen etc…

Heap Dawson Limited operates a formal documented quality control system which meets the requirements of EN ISO 9001 and copies of our quality policy are available upon request.


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